75% of girls with low self-esteem engage in harmful activities.


R.I.S.E. to Empower offers a range of programs that will provide life-long benefits for the young women who participate in them. These options include a 3-month program that helps girls to develop the skills they need to evaluate their lives, plan for their futures, and build on positive decisions with the help of a facilitator-led group.

Amy Wise and Jennifer Myers are also available to speak to groups, parents, community members and professionals about empowerment and women’s issues.

R.I.S.E. to Empower 3-Month Program

R.I.S.E. to Empower is a unique, 3-month empowerment program for girls and young women. Through workbooks, readings, weekly discussion circles led by trained facilitators, and group mentors, the program provides girls and young women the opportunity to participate in a transformational self-exploration experience. Our program uses critical thinking and experiential learning to help participants take a deeper look at their lives, the challenges they are faced with daily as teen girls, and their relationship to choice. Whether their goals are to pursue higher education, build healthy relationships, or live life at their highest and best potential, our desire is to help girls make the choices that will allow them to create bright futures for themselves and ultimately, to fulfill their dreams! Our program will be offered in continuation schools, the juvenile system, foster schools, and public and private schools. Our motto is “every girl is at risk,” including girls who are raised in middle or upper-class families and believe they are protected by their upbringing.

Help us to empower all girls and young women to make positive choices. They are our future leaders!

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